The Sting

Street or trail this bike will never fail… One of the bikes featured in Smoked Garage video, “Falling by the wayside” this Yamaha Scorpio modif can handle dirt tracks and roads with equal authority. This bike street savvy and has just enough grit to sling dirt and rocks while delivering a powerful and dependable performance. With 225 cc’s there’s plenty of power, and the engine remains Yamaha factory stock so service is simple and you spend your time on the roads and trails and out of the shop!.

Tech – Specs

2011 Yamaha Scorpio 225
Custom fenders
Custom tank
Classic Yamaha endure paint and logo.

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Handmade In Indonesia

On any given day tukangs (Indonesian mechanics) hammer, drill, grind and weld repairs and parts on motorbikes and scooters, fabricating the unimaginable and seemingly impossible in cramped, sweltering conditions with limited resources, materials and parts to create functional working machines and ride them. Indonesians’ and their families rely on their bikes for everyday life, sometimes transporting their entire families on a single scooter to school, to work and back again. Every Day..