Because we love bikes. You got to love bikes to do this, looking at ‘em, riding ‘em, tearing them apart and having the vision to build them into something new and different, each one an expression of mechanical passion made manifest in a performance custom bike.

We are guys that ride bikes- a lot. Collectively we put hundreds of thousands of kilometers on our personal custom builds and several of us service our own bikes. Because that’s what it takes.

Our customers, partners and friends are guys that ride all the time- hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts. We ride roads, dirt and trails that defy labels, and the bikes we build not only look amazing, they handle whatever you put them through. We know, because few places in the world match challenges of Indonesia roads and trails to test the limits of a motorcycle.

At Smoked Garage more than 16 technicians and engineers are “hands on” in the design and building of each project.

We go from screws to final paint through each custom bike to create the work of mechanical art that is waiting to be brought to new life. We test it, and then refine it to engineering and aesthetic excellence…. And do it again.

Then, we take a breath, drink some coffee, and get back to it with the next project.

Maybe yours…

Because there can be as many custom bikes as there are people who love them. Because ideas have no limits.