Our Story

How do we say when smoked garage started?When does an idea begin? Maybe most people would use the “grand opening” of the shop- but what about before then?

All the thinking, planning and dreaming… Maybe we could say Smoked Garage was started when Nicko Eigert built his first modified scooter in 2004.

using what resources and parts were at hand (or laying around the shop) which is how 99% of custom bikes are started all in garages and small shops all over the world

While there may have been a lack of ready to install parts, what there was and is in abundance here is necessity, passion and determination, all of which have fueled our drive and motivation to build what may be the best custom bikes out of Indonesia

So from bikes that are built from the ground up, literally- most benkgel mechanics drill, grind and shape their parts squatting over oil-soaked concrete- to a modern standard state-of-the-art machine shop, fabrication area, paint, dyno-scopes and industrial lathes, presses and drills and a retail front with older and latest customs on display along with a healthy selection of DIY custom parts, tires and apparel

Today’s Smoked Garage occupies a ware-house sized space near the popular Kuta area of Bali including 110 meters of space, 16+mechanics, graphic design team, admin, retail staff, apparel and proprietary Smoked Garage motorcycle parts . Having received international  recognition for our custom builds along with establishing a Smoked Garage in Brisbane, Australia, we have come a long way from our roadside “bengkel motor” roots to the award-winning brand we are today.