Hidden beneath the surface of the classic look on this CB 160 is the performance heart of a modern modified 200cc tiger engine- with all the “go” you expect from a thoroughly tuned bike from the Smoked Garage custom shop.  The retro bike appearance from afar gives way to incredible attention to detail as you look more closely-  custom design fenders and holders, motogadget tach, custom saddle, extended swing arm and tasteful use of chrome accents to stylishly highlight the look of modified classic.

Tech – Specs

1978 Honda CB 160
18” rims and tires
Coker 4-ply radial 450 x 18 tire
Bison front shock system
Hydraulic clutch
Oil temp gauge

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Handmade In Indonesia

On any given day tukangs (Indonesian mechanics) hammer, drill, grind and weld repairs and parts on motorbikes and scooters, fabricating the unimaginable and seemingly impossible in cramped, sweltering conditions with limited resources, materials and parts to create functional working machines and ride them. Indonesians’ and their families rely on their bikes for everyday life, sometimes transporting their entire families on a single scooter to school, to work and back again. Every Day..