Shop turned aluminum hubs. One of a kind custom parts. Everthing here tests our bikes to every extreme level possible, heat, traffic, poor roads, and no roads. Impossible/impassible road construction. These roads mean to devour and destroy every nut and bolt, rubber and grease, gear and wire that your beloved machine posses.
On any given day tukangs (Indonesian mechanics) hammer, drill, grind and weld repairs and parts on motorbikes and scooters, fabricating the unimaginable and seemingly impossible in cramped, sweltering conditions with limited resources, materials and parts to create functional working machines and ride them. Indonesians’ and their families rely on their bikes for everyday life, sometimes transporting their entire families on a single scooter to school, to work and back again. Every Day..
To truly understand the creative element that pervades and  saturates the motorcycle scene here, you really have to see it and live it Born of necessity, the creative element pervades every aspect of motorcycling here. If they don’t have nor can afford the spare part they need, they often create it from scrap on the spot and it works. Because it must.
We challenge any bike builder, amateur or professional to visit the Indonesia custom bike scene- not just the high-end custom shops-  but the back-alley and road side bengkels (repair shops) is where reality lives, where the shit and grease and dirt and oil are your breakfast and lunch, and end-of-the-day flat tire  repairs are for dinner