Bronco Racer

When Lotus’s C-01 concept dropped in February of 2014, it had a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts salivating. That hunger was never satisfied, though, so the crew at Smoked Garage decided to design a machine inspired by the C-01 and fabricate it in house. The base for what would become the Bronco Racer was a new Kawasaki ER-6n – an unusual choice, for sure, but one that has proven to be a good one.These images here are not mere renderings or computer model: it is real metal, with a real engine, a real rider and able to be ridden on real roads. We this beast the ‘Bronco Racer’, and while the C-01 design inspiration behind this build can’t be denied, there are a bunch of custom touches on the Bronco Racer that are different from the original Lotus design that inspired this concept bike.

Tech – Specs

Kawasaki ER-6N 2006
649 cc/ 39.6 cu-in engine
wheels custom by smoked garage
Custom cut and rebuild rear frame
Front Double Disk With 4 Piston Caliper TOKIKO
Rear Single Disk with 2 Piston Caliper TOKIKO
Handmade quality steel metal fenders, panels, headlight housing and fuel tank by smoked garage
Custom saddle
Custom paint color
LED lighting system for head, brake and turn lights
original speedometer
Custom exhaust
Hand-turned brass and aluminum bushings and caps

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Handmade In Indonesia

On any given day tukangs (Indonesian mechanics) hammer, drill, grind and weld repairs and parts on motorbikes and scooters, fabricating the unimaginable and seemingly impossible in cramped, sweltering conditions with limited resources, materials and parts to create functional working machines and ride them. Indonesians’ and their families rely on their bikes for everyday life, sometimes transporting their entire families on a single scooter to school, to work and back again. Every Day..