Honda Van Van

The big tires will grip and climb or float over soft sands and part the waters of a flooded road like Moses and the red sea.
200cc’s of Honda Tiger motor pushing along nicely with geared down low end grunt, we are not in a drag race here, just getting there.

Tech – Specs

Honda Tiger
Custom framework
with hydrolic disc
Dunlop Big zise tires
Stainless exhaust

“Love is that
feeling you
get when you
like something
as much as your



Handmade In Indonesia

On any given day tukangs (Indonesian mechanics) hammer, drill, grind and weld repairs and parts on motorbikes and scooters, fabricating the unimaginable and seemingly impossible in cramped, sweltering conditions with limited resources, materials and parts to create functional working machines and ride them. Indonesians’ and their families rely on their bikes for everyday life, sometimes transporting their entire families on a single scooter to school, to work and back again. Every Day..